About Us... - BOAC Aviation Photographic Agency

BOAC was initially formed in the summer of 2014 by a small group of friends with a passion for aviation. Since then our passion has continued to grow throughout the years with a selected group of keen aviation photographers who are well travelled, enthusiastic with an eye for detail; that are able to capture high quality photos from many parts of the world.

From the start of our journey we wanted to do something a little bit different to our competitors; we wanted to give a fresh approach to the aviation scene; In doing this we were able to diversify our offering to the aviation market.

BOAC membership is strictly an invitation-only group and as such, we strive to bring you the best of aviation photography from around the globe. We can cater to publishers, airlines as well as private individuals who are looking to add to their collections.

As a team of Photographers, we are also able to take on various projects for companies such as Air-2-Air photography session and Corporate Marketing shoots.

Please be assured that we only use top of the range equipment from either Nikon, Canon or Sony. Please feel free to take a look through our extensive selection of photographs; we hope you enjoy browsing through the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

We hope that you find something you’d like to purchase within our image library and current product line, when you find an image(s) that you would like to buy, then please press the green ‘Buy Photos’ button which can be found above each image and then simply follow the instructions to complete your order.

Please feel free to contact us (using the ‘contact us’ link, which can be located at the top left hand corner of the web page) should you require further assistance or if you wish to discuss digital downloads or image rights, we will contact you within 24 hours from your message request.

Our Admin Team

Matthew Reynolds - Founder and Owner / Photographer

David James Clelford - Website Administrator / Photographer

Phil Royal - Technical Administrator / Photographer

Fay Jordan - Training Administrator / Photographer

Jan Arik Ittensammer - Training Administrator / Photographer

Regional Ambassadors

Jan Jasinski - North America & Canada

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